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Our Berries

We sell fresh berries, Free of any pesticides or herbicides.  All natural soil amendments with over 10,000 pounds of coffee grounds, coffee chafe, Canadian peat moss, composted manure, sulfur and mulched with composted local wood chips.

Blueberry Varieties

  • Nelson (Very Early)

  • Northland (Early)

  • Bluecrop (Early to Mid)

  • Bonus Blue (Mid to Late)

  • Spartan (Early & Late)

  • Elliott (Very Late)


Berries across the season!

Blackberry Varieties

  • Oachita

  • Arapaho

  • Choctaw

  • Apache



Raspberry Varieties

  • Prelude (Early)

  • Nova (Everbearing)

  • Heritage (Everbearing)

  • K81-6 (Late)

  • Encore (Late)

  • Bristol (Black Raspberry)

  • Jewel (Black Raspberry)

  • Royalty (Late) [Purple Raspberry]




  • Honey

  • Fresh Eggs

  • NOW Duck eggs!!



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